Friday, July 8, 2011

The Savoy - Helsinki

After our day trip to Soumalinna Island, we were hungrily determined to dine well, while uncertain where that would be . . . We made a couple of false starts, based on the tendency of some of the tonier places to close for the heat of the summer in july, to return in August, and when we came to the Savoy, there was no hesitatin' . . .

Momentary panic when they asked in perfect English with a raised eyebrow about our reservation, but as it turns out, they had plenty of room, just not out on the terrace, which it must be said, would be worth the trouble of a reservation . . . But seated inside, in the semi-formal dining room was fine . . . 8^) . . .

We asked for prosecco to start, but they had only champoo . . . 8^( . . . 8^D . . . So we made do . . . They brought us the red wine of some unknown vintage (to us), but excellent quality, after we had ordered . . . The menu is indeed as simple as it seems . . .

There was some momentary internal consternation, the way the menu read, especially after the Lappis Mass Quantities, but we needn't have worried . . . The blackened salmon was cut into tiny slices, and served on fruits, veggies, & roe, with flowers and herbs from their rooftop garden . .. The smidgeon of mustard-mayonaise dressing complemented the flavour-medley perfectly.  I can only wish that the photo did the dish justice . . . It made Mrs so happy with culinary delight that I too could be happy, if you see how I mean.

The only nit I would pick with the veal entrecote is my own failing in my relative disdain for beet root . . . I get so impatient with people who don't like broccoli or some other vegetable, but this is my prejudice . . . The entrecote itself was perfectly cooked and tender, and the celeric bed was creamy deliscious . . . The pickled celery and radishes were perfect complements . . . A divine meal of exact proportions.

But wait there was more . . . I had dithered on the two menu selections, especially wen I tho't the salmon starter might be too much, but I'd picked this menu (and Mrs had gone along with me) based on the dessert. When the waitress cleared our table of those dessert dishes, I told her that was the best un-sinful dessert I had ever had . . . She smiled and said she would tell the Patisserie Chef, who would be pleased . ..  Really, this is one of the menu items for which the words are almost enough: pistaschio cake with tahiti vanilla ice-cream!

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