Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Before we dashed off by plane to Pariz, we dined at Mozaika, to avoid any more airport dining disasters at Letiste Ruzyne . . . .yech . . . Tho' we told them we were in a rush to catch a plane, we had left enough time to linger, to hesitate over the superb (as always) cuisine . . . For myself, coq au vin sous vide . . . For which, to me, must be the pinnacle of some sort of fine dining . . . That is, sous vide is why I go to Mozaika, and why that is what I normally order, and coq au vin is the quintessential, epitomatic delicacy le Francais, is it not so?


Mrs had a dish she had enjoyed before which is salmon wrapped in nori, only lightly cooked, served with wasabi potatoes so green from the wasabit that Mrs WILL eat the potatoes she would normally disdain. . . Another dish that exemplifies the consistent excellence of Mozaika 

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