Tuesday, December 24, 2013

BZ Grill, Astoria

Sheep Carcasses

oh, dang I didn't get the shop name in the shot . . . some grocer on 31st St by the Astoria Train stop, in er, uh, Astoria

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Single Cut Brewery, Astoria

Conveniently located next to the grocery store, where men are sent to gather dinner . . .
The Flight of Beer was very satisfactory, especially the mahogany ale and the pale ale.

Socrates Sculpture Park, Astoria

Sometimes you catchi it between exhibits, and you wonder, WTF . . . on this beautiful warm December day we caught the exhibits on our walk and it was very interesting....

New York Walkin' Pizza

Rather new place in Astoria. Tick! Pizza on the street.

Watawa, Astoria, NYC

What a nice place. I love salad with miso dressing, and these were huge. We love miso soup, and these were very large.

I had the tempura box lunch: sushi, gyoza, fried rice, & tempura . . . fried perfectly . . . best bento box, ever. Nice sake, too.

Mrs had spicy salmon & spicy tuna rolls. Simple and fantastic.

Nana had a mixed plate of sushi rolls. . . looks as good as it was . . . or have I got that backwards?

S-I-L had the nigiri plate. In the middle was sea urchin . . . must be an acquired taste, he says . . . 8^D . . .

Brekky at James Dean, Praha

There's a lot to be said for James Dean:
Fresh orange juice, nice cappacino, friendly service by shapely adorables who apparently never had heard of sunny side eggs, but still perservered with the kitchen so that I got them . . . I mean . . . that IS service . . . American bacon . . . but this American breakfast . . .with these undercooked sausages, nep, nep, nep . . . the music is funky there . . . like cover / imitators of famous 50s singers, rather than the singers themselves, if you see how I mean . . . I'll order a la carte from now on, just to avoid the sausages, to get exactly what I want, and extend my quality time with the shapely adorables . . . 8^) . . .

Old Athens, Novy SMichovy, Praha

Dang. Big Daddy's Garage was closed. So we zoomed over to Andel where we were going to a movie anyway. Had Greek food, of a sort.

Retsina was better than the greek salad, chicken souvlaki, spinach pie, or mousaka . . . 8^/ . . .

Service was good, tho' . . . .

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Amazing Morning Sky in Prague

Dish Burgers, Prague

unfiltered beer, very nice

no, the fries are not so nice

Brewsta sez, best in town,
is he right
well, he ain't wrong . . . .

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Osteria de Clara

AntiPasta Platter per Chef's Fantasy
from 12 o'clock, around the clock:
Polenta cake with cheese & sundried tomato
Mussels with lentils
young cheese with sun dried tomato
chicken liver pate'
hard, hard salami slices
? on toast
spinach quesadilla
spinach quiche 
some-sort-of sausage
in the center, tuna shreds with white beans

Spaghetti Frutti de Mar

Mussels Meuneur

Chocolate Cake with Pears

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kiin Thai, Prague

Tom Yum Kai
they asked us if we wanted "traditional"or with Mousse on top . . . 
we had no idea what that might mean, and took the safe-route to traditional . . . 
but NEXT time . . . 

Tom Yum Kung

following Brewsta to this apparently new restaurant that Mrs found walking around the neighborhood. . .
seriously, SERIOUSLY, challenging Siam Orchid for Best-in-Town . . . 
thai flavours rampant, spicy as all get out . . . 
maybe would prefer larger cuts of lime leaf and lemon-grass, just so they're easier to pick out,
but that is the nittiest of picked nits . . .

now this seems to be some sort of Fusion place . . . 
the menu item names are really droll . . .
and this dish is like Stir-Fried Rice with Norwegian Salmon . . .
even had Asparagus spears in it . . . 
she loved it.

I had the Pad Thai Kung
definitely best in Town.
There are color, peanuts, and thai spices.