Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hard Rock Café, Prague, 12-01-21

No Matter how well you adapt to the ex-pat life, sometimes you just want a humble hamburger, american style, to remind us of home . . . Oddly, this craving hit us not months or years between visits to the US, but days after our return . . . Well, hamburgers are a big favorite here in Europe too, of course, ergo, the hamburg-er. So at anyrate there we were at the hardrock . . . Mrs prefers other places, since they tend to undercook the hamburger there, but I convinced her we could override that with a special order: she ordered hers well done and I medium well, which was successful . . . I enjoyed my expert margarita tremendously, too

Modry Zub Thai, Narodni Trida, Prague, 12-01-16

Dang camera wouldn't flash. . . Sitting too close to some light, then the pix don't come out right . . . Co nadelas'?

Started with Tom Yum Kai . . . Even in good lighting, it might not look as nice as others, but the flavours are all there . . . Very spicy . . . Continues to raise our appreciation of the Zub . . .8^) . . . I had phad thai, mrs had phad sen . . . Very toothsome, to make a very weak joke, but we took half of each home in a box .. . Then we ate it the very next night and swore it was all even better . . . 

Aromi, Prague 12-01-14

<<IMG_0739.JPG>> Ou <<IMG_0733.JPG>> r <<IMG_0734.JPG>> fi
<<IMG_0735.JPG>> rs <<IMG_0736.JPG>> t visit back to Aromi in 2012.
They greeted us like old friends, asked about our holidays, wished us a
happy new year.
Started us off, as normal, with a couple of glasses of prosecco while we
perused the menu.
We ordered off the regular menu instead of one of the daily specials
this time, just for a change.

Mrs started with a Rucola salad with cherry tomatos and grated crispy
parmesan . . . Oooh!

I started with Le Ministre Pasta e Fagioli Borlotti, Borlotti beans
minestrone with home made pasta (and pasta is one of the things that
really sets Aromi apart from the crowd!), pork rind, and grated crispy
parmesan. . . Ungh, Ungh, UNGH!

For mains, I secondi piatti, Mrs had Fillet of Tuna Palamita with
braised artichokes and clam saute'. Gnang. Gnang. Gnang!

I had chopped grilled octopus served on a bed of pumpkin risotto.

With these modest starters and mains, we had craftily left room for
dessert . I got the waitress, our favorite waitress, to bring us an
appetizer to share, one that had seemed like it might make a
sophisticated and different desert instead; she eagerly agreed in a way
that added to our pleasure, if you see how I mean: it was gorgonzola
ravioli and sauteed pears with a basamic demiglace, and, need I add, a
couple of small portos.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Houston MFA - Aztec Gold

The only minor complaint we might have had about the Houston MFA, was that the layout & labelling of the exhibits seemed a little confusing to us . . . We tho't we were going into the japanese exhibit but instead found ourselves in the aztec exhibit . . . Still awesome, once our equilibrium returned . . . 8^) . . .

Houston MFA - Hindu Ornaments

Love the white mask, a very serene Buddha . . . 8^) . . .
Love the voluptious Houri . . . I don't think it’s a goddess, only 2 arms . . . 8^) . . .
Love the Indian Gold . . . Gotta respekt a people that have valued gold for so many centuries . . .
Can't have too many Buddhas, that's my motto, too. . .
Amazing pot.

What the Dandies in Banderra Tx will wear for New Years Eve, I guess

Saw this awesome ensemble in a western wear store in Banderra
(that's the only type they have . . . 8^) . . . )
So it's kinda dandified for a bunch of working ranch hands,
But maybe there's some dudes (in the arcane sense) whom it would please . . .
If'n our suitcases wasn't already stuffed and I coulda found anywhere for that hat,
I woulda snapped it up . . .

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pappadeaux, Houston, Texas

Yes, it's a chain.
Yes, it's overpriced.
Yes, the portions are sometimes tooooo big.
But its just about as authentic as you're going to get anymore, and the culinary quality is very high . . .
Sugar got coconut shrimp appetizer . . . We were starving, but knowing we were going to the Red Onion later . . . Moderation is the Key!
Mrs got a salad and a very large cup of gumbo . . . I don't know how big the bowl of gumbo would be . . .
I got some gumbo too, and fried oysters, resolved not to eat all my french fries . . . Fair enough? . . . 8^D . . . No desert, but those are legendary here, too . . .

An awesome place, over and above how good it would have to be to be an awesome chain outlet . . . We always hit the pappadeaux at IAH if we have a layover . . .

Frida's Mexican/Italian Restaurant, Houston, Texas

Oh, we were hoping for some sort of mexican/italian fusion cuisine.
This ain't that. It's either/or.
It might be said that some italian sensibility comes to play in the mexican dishes . . . Not so "crudely" spiced, but rather "sophisticatedly" seasoned . . . If that appeals to you... I had the flautas, still basically stuffed from Luling BBQ . . . But then I couldn't just have a margarita . . . The flautas were rather unexciting, served only with sour cream, no guacomole . . . They had brought a plate of guacomole to the table before, as like a common treat, but it was unmixed . . . The girls sorta liked the idea that everyone could roll-their-own, but when I want' guacamole, I am ready for guacamole, not for mixin' . . . If you see how I mean . . .

Luling City Market BBQ, Luling, Texas

Ah, dang, not enough pictures . . . But then again, if one ain't enough, 10 prob'ly wouldn't be enough either . . . 1st time there. . . Heard about for years, of course . . . Bona fide competitor for Best In Texas, especially among purists who insist that only BBQ served on butcher paper can be considered.

Wheeler's Restaurant, Fredericksburg, Texas

Attracted by the sign claiming Best Burgers in Fredericksburg.
No, I don't think so.
We couldn't believe we fell for the same representation twice in the same week, in Kerrville and here in Fredericksburg. Some "voted-bests" are sorta reliable, but from now on, I just go by if the sign on the front says best, it aint.
Bun was kinda squishy, the meat was grilled-grey, rather than flame-charred, fries and rings just seemed kinda heavy, in that deep fried way, if you know what I mean.

Old Spanish Trail Restaurant, Banderra Texas

Quaint as all get-out. Local favorite. Mediocre cuisine. I did enjoy the Frito Pie, but it was a little crusty, even at that, from sitting out on the steam table. It's just OK.