Friday, July 8, 2011

Moc Concert - Holiday Inn - St. Petersburg Russia

frazzled by our
trip from Helsinki to St. Petersburg by train, something about the
constant interrogatories by customs, immigration, & conductors . . . I
mean, it IS a convenience, but . . . So even tho' it was only late
afternoon when we arrived, we hadda raid the minibar for some
re-enforcement before we could even make dinner plans . . . 4 bottles
later, it was decided to dine in, rather than brave the subway again (it
wasn't that hard, but . . . ), but the menu seemed tooo limited, so we
ventured downstairs to the Cowbar, after the other restaurant would
still be closed till 7pm . . .
But we didn't make it to the cow bar, we went next door to Moc Concert,
by mistake . . . I shudda took a hint when no one appeared to seat us
for a while, but that kinda meets my expectations for sovietized
service, if you see how I mean, but eventually, some ravishing young
woman scurried from the back and seated us, with proper queries in
English . . . 

We were the only patrons, everyone else looked like an
employee or friend of an employee, hanging out at the bar, all dressed
in some sort of shabby chic: torn jeans, mis-fit tee shirts, etc . . .

Our order was taken with what we tho't were minimal difficulty: the
young woman helped me pick a vodka and guided Mrs to a split of white
wine instead of just a glass, which arrived after a moderate wait . . .
My vodka wasn't cold, a personal disappointment. . . Sigh . . .

I ordered caviar and beef stroganoff, which I figgered would tick a
couple of Russian compulsories off the list . . .
Mrs got borsht & chicken Kiev, tick,tick . . . 8^) . . .

The caviar was very inferior, room-temperature-plus, misshapen, not firm . .
. And instead of nudles I got potatoes . . . Maybe that's the way they
do it but, hmpfh.

Mrs borsht was borsht, and the chicken Kiev was "ok" she says . . .
Later we figured out that the wine was 1500R . . . 40 Euros for a split
. . . That shouda been some very good wine, which it wasn't. . . . on the web, we can see it was a quadruple markup, that is, a full bottle is 1/3 the price . . . 8^( . . .  

total rip-off, and they should serve an immodium as a post-prandial cautionary . . . 

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