Friday, July 8, 2011

Helsinki Museum

Somewhat incongruously (to me), the main exhibit in Helsinki was about African Artists . . . This one photographer, Okhai Ojakeiri, from Nigeria, I *Swear* I've seen in an exhibit somewhere else, at least in part . . . He had pictures of men in their many colored finery . . . Like modernized zoot suiters it seemed, and these pictures of Elaborate Hairstyles and Hats of Nigerian women that I found interesting . . .

The animal-skin-body-forms were idealized to some extent, in that they are all adult-young, beautiful, flatbellies . . . But then, I tho't, as an artistic concept, those are the ones who will form the herd . . . The fat, the old, the young, the sick would be winnowed by the predators .  . . If you see how I mean . . . .

There was a 10 part (canto) video with music, Muxima, playing . . . The music I think may have been incidental to the story, but it was mesmerizing, like the sort of melodious harmonies with syncopation that caused Paul Simon to make his album . . . I would've bot a cd of the video just for the movie, but they didn't do that.

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