Sunday, September 23, 2012

Der Lowe, Dresden

"The Lions" restaurant, at the end of the beautiful pedestrian zone, heading towards New Town, straight from over the bridge that one comes to after walking straight from the train station down Pragerstrasse.

we sat in the conservatory, and enjoyed our Oktoberfest biers while we waited for the food . . . it comes in .3L, .5L, and 1L sizes.. . . we could not imagine how big a liter mug would be...

my main dish came with a salad. it looked so good, that mrs had to have one too. we asked the waitress what kind of cheese it was, and she struggled with her english, to our surprise . . . so she made a sound: "baa-aaa-aaa": schafskase! Sheeps cheese. . . 8^D . . .

mrs main was sausages with sauerkraut & mashed potatos. We liked the way the little sausages were sliced at the ends and the bratwurst was excellent. The trick for Mrs was gtet all her sausage and sauerkraut while leaving the kartoffeln on the plate 8^)

I had Pikantes Raderberger Bierfliesch, with two kinds of patato patties. They were like what you get at mcdonalds for breakfast hashbrowns, only not greasy . . . and good. . . just to tease the waitress, I asked her what kind of meat was it? then mooed, barked, meowed, baa-ed, and oinked. She laughed at me very charmingly.

this amazing sculpture is by Dresden Artist Peter makolies.

Another visit to Mood, in Prague

a birthday celebration. Out on the terrace facing the greenbelt and jogging trail . . . very bucolic.
Mrs had a portobello mushroom starter. The rest of us had domaci potato chips.
Mrs had salmon filet.
Big Red had a club sandwich.
Sugar had a burger.
I had - at long last - the BBQ ribs again.
We had two wines, so everyone could be paired correctly . . . 8^)

Sakura Sushi Boat

oh, now a japanese friend of my wife told her that sakura means cherry tree both in japanese and czech . . . this has not proved verifiable, but we like to think so.
sakura was our favorite until the cerna ruze location closed . . . now that we have found the devicka location easily accessible on the green line, and now that we've stopped having sushi weekly at the Kobe in chodov, we hope to go back more often . . . we saw that cerna ruze had reopened, too...
I can't remember the details of this sushi which was uniformly excellent, except for the crunch rolls, the tempura rolls they make here that we love. We sat outside and enjoyed ourselves completely.

Denni Menu, Las Adelitas, Prague

lunch menu at Las Adelitas . . . changes every day, of course . . . we always hope for posole, but it's rare . . .
I'm going out on a limb and calling this a successful czech-mexican fusion cuisine:
Tacos Dorados de PaPa . . . I would have called them potato flautas . . . never seen such like before . . . altho' potatos are no-way unknown in new mexican cuisine, usually tho' as a side dish instead of rice.
Frijoles Charros . . . and bless my heart, PINTOS! . . . with franfurter slices instead of some other pork meat . . . so I'm saying this was czech frankfurter soup fused with friholes charros . . . Excellent!

Mo-Mo, Amsterdam

had seen Brewsta's review of Mo-Mo, and one of the bento boxes. . . nuthin' would do but we have all three. wheeeeeee.
I had some excellent horka sake. The miso shiro was excellent, served in a drinking cup, with no spoon.
Sugar had the sushi bento box. . . she was a little disappointed that it was just salmon & tuna, 3 different ways . . . well-done, no doubt, but a tiny bit monotonous.
I had the Spicy bento box . . . calamari tempura with aioli dip, spicy duck rolls and what we ajudged the best, a spicy thai beef salad . . . wonderful.
Mrs had the MoMo bento, with the same duck rolls, spicy scallops, and a whitefish fillet. No complaints . . . 8^D . . .

Rembrandt's Corner, amsterdam

the last weekend of summer, glorious in Amsterdam, sunny enough to make a shady table delightful.
very nice split-pea soup, with bacon on bread, with a schooner of Heineken. ummmmmmmmmm.
Mrs had a salad with prosciutto, more filling than expected.
I had, in some confusion, a kip-burger. . . a deep-fried chicken filet sandwich . . . not very good. overdone.

Na Siam, Amsterdam

just down the street from Sugar's house, this tiny Thai restaurant. We lucked into one of the sidewalk tables . . . it was so nice outside, piquant in everyone's knowledge that it must surely be the last weekend of summer.
Sugar had stir-fry tofu & vegetables serverd over a star shaped mound of rice. . . very nice . . .
Mrs only had tom yum kai soup, still full from lunch . . . she was snuffling from the spice, a very good sign.
I had pad thai kai, following the brewsta ROT for measurement. . . very spicy-good, tho' not spicy-hot . . .
for future notice, good to know that there's such a place handy when we visit . . . 

Zelena Zahrada

well, we wasted the whole summer without getting over here to the zahrada to dine outside, and now it was too cold . . . well, there was some couple sitting outside when we got there, apparently so the man could smoke his excellent cubano . . . 8^) . . .  we started with a salad and sort-of sashimi appetizer, thin-sliced scallops and salmon with the best fresh ginger we ever had anywhere.
I had grilled octopos on risotto nero . . . I think there must ought to be a caret over the R to make it more like negro, as in caret-R recky for Greek. . . the octopus was grilled perfectly, not-rubbery at all, charry and briny; the risotto was scrumptious so mellow it was almost sweet and so al dente the texture was almost chewy . . . excellent.
Mrs had her most favorite anywhere, but especially good here, the grilled tuna on grilled vegetables. . . harder to photo well than to enjoy . . .8^)

Slunenice Lunch

sort of a blue-collar lunch place popular in chodov...I'm not sure there beer glasses are clean, but I have enjoyed many Kureci Stehno there (chicken legs) . . .
today I had veverka chiperka, named for a cartoon squirrel character in the czech republic. There weren't as many chopped nuts as I had had before... and they were walnuts before . . . these were something else, peanuts or macadamia nuts . . .
Mrs had grilled salmon. She didn't eat the potatoes.