Saturday, July 9, 2011

COBRA Museum - Amsterdam

The next day we finally fulfilled a long-time ambition to see the COBRA Museum in Amsterdam  . . . Since we had seen the COBRA exhibit at the Kampa, we were anticipating a whole museum full of Appels & Corneilles . . . But they must mostly be out on loan, they had 4 big rooms full of some other, associated artist . . . One of those artists who rely very heavily on Untitled as titles . . . Irritates me, I don't want to invest more effort into imagining what it is than he did, if you see how I mean . . . It was interesting to see that he had also done a picture "Tauromache (with Matador)" as had Corneille, which we had seen at the Kampa, and bot a poster, since we couldn't get a poster of "Le Regard" by Appel . . . Anyway we took no pictures inside, until we couldn't leave because of a rain squall . . . So we had our obligatory coffee & toasti (Amsterdam Compulsory Section) and snapped this interesting sculpture fountain outside, in the rain . . . .

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