Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Musee D'Orsay Restaurant

And 20 years ago, when we cruised the great museums of Paris we dined here, so, nostalgically, I remembered it as being pretty good and easy to order . . . You could go Plat du Jour, Menu du Jour, or Menu du Season -- that doesn't seem right, but it's on a rising scale of morbid gourmandishness, or gluttony . . .

This time, very ordinary cod & potatoes . . . Even as peasant food, it was just toooo plain . . . Oh, well, nourishing and filling . . . What we did love was the little plastic ice bag they put our POP champagne split in . . . 8^)

The dessert was a petite rien of meringue and custard . . . We had the same in condom . . . Was when I upset my French-only waitress when she kept asking if we wanted glace au crème anglaise, and I just kept saying Oui, not realizing it was a choice . . . I never will learn . . .

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