Friday, July 8, 2011

The Overnight Train from AMS to PRG

We love taking the train overnight from AMS to PRG . . . People express surprise that we would spend more to take more time to travel, but instead of the humiliating, repressive, cattle-car feeling of flying nowadays (coach class, with the hoi polloi, of course, but even so, in business class, to a degree), travelling in the refined comfort, not to say luxury, of a private sleeping car is as much the pleasure as the origin and destination, for us, if you see how I mean . . . Our conductors, have as a rule, been the very definition of courteous accommodation, that we have come to rely on them . . . So much, that this time we didn't even pack in a picnic, we chose instead to use their dining facility . . . Maybe not again . . . The soup was good enough, tho a small portion but those sausages . . . Blech . . . We polished off our one bottle of champoo too quick and had to buy several small bottles from the conductor, at which he expressed some glee, "You are hungry, too!" he said when I bot two chocolate croissants.

But we were very comfortable, he put up the lower berth so we could sit, then put it down so we could sleep, tho he seemed very busy, taking care of two cars instead of just one .  . . I don’t know if that's the new Normal of Austerity, or a temporary labour shortage. . .

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