Sunday, June 23, 2013

Leftovers at Chez Dave

Leftover Rack-of-Lamb with spanakopita

And an amusing red wine . ..

Aromi, Prague, Redux

Surl will not be denied. Mrs gets a lush bath bomb for her birthday . . . .8^D . . .

Mrs & Surl shared a grilled seabream with vegetables . . .

While KiwiMike & I had lobster with pasta . . .

We had HAD to have the boulibaisse . . . after Mrs spotted on her way to the loo . . .


Sex before Dinner

Sex before Dinner: a concoction of mine own . . .. afaik . . .

Armagnac floated on top of champagne

Seen here with Tariquet 15 year old armagnac . . .

in bohemian crystal  . . .

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Austerlitz / Slavka u Brnu

Just views from the restaurant patio out onto the Fabulous Golf Course

an excellent fish & chips, 
even if the portions are moderate

Grilled Salmon on Salad


Art in the Restaurant / Club house 
of the Austerlitz Golf Club

oh, that's a nice salad idn't't?

for dinner one night we went over to the castle, 
which has some connection with Napoleon, vis a vis Austerlitz

The ambience of the place is kinda musty and dankly decrepit,
but the food wasn't bad, actually good . . . .

bacon-wrapped something  or another

potato salad

spicy goulash

lentil soup

two schnitzels, one with potatos and one without