Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cestr Prague

Well, this was our 2nd visit to Cestr . . . so I didn't take as many pictures as I would've normally . . . now I can't find that first post . .  . this place is the lineal descendent of the Ambient Living restaurant that we favoured so much . . . this is a pretty impressive re-incarnation, with lots of little innovations that we enjoyed . . . the first visit they used the traditional czech carp knives as cutlery, but there must've been too many objections . . . more the pity . . . and last time they donated a little amuse bouche of a beer sampler that was creamy smooth, but we didn't get it this time . . . so . . .  we ordered our own . . . my Lupe-mode sampler was the bone marrow . . . totally different than I imagined, and very, very good.

then for our mains, I had the filet mignon, as always, with a dill horse radish sauce; Mrs had rib-meat-off-the-bone. . . when she tried to NOT order potatoes with it, the waiter got rather exercised, to our amusement, as he excitedly explained that it was NOT barbecue (so she SHOULD have potatoes!), but she stuck to her guns, and got the tomato salad that we always wish we'd ordered two of . . . I got the asparagus, for which there was a choice of green or white, and I let the waiter talk me into green to calm him down . . . 8^D

Mrs says now she was a little disappointed in the ribs, but  I couldn't have been happier with my filet.
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