Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lehka Hlava

One of very favorites in Prague . . . totally vegetarian, but not vegan . . . standard order is either Sylvanske Zelena or Veltlinske Zelena vina; PI voda, maly Lehka Hlava or velke Lehka Hlava, and a starter, such as guacamole . . . I am simply amazed I've never blogged the place before . . . we eat there more than anywhere else . . . on this trip, tho', Mrs got fried cous-cous and I got a bean burrito . . . the ambience there is just so comforting . . . either in the front room recently redecorated with aborignal dream time motifs, or the back "starlight" room . . . I KNOW I've posted a picture of that ceiling before, it must be on IJUSTTHINKITSFUNNY, tho'....

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