Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nove Amerika

I don't remember what kind of soup it was . . . that's not a good sign is it?

Mrs got grilled salmon on creamed spinach and ubiquitous czech mashed potatos . . . she will not eat the potatos and she was unhappy that the spinach was creamed, but the salmon was fine . . . . we just had a couple of glasses of Moravian Ryzlink with our dinner.

My golfing partner on Saturday had recommended the duck (Kachini Prsa a Pancetta) . . . I think it might kill someone not vigilant about their diet, but it was awfully, guiltily good, subtley bacony in it's wild gaminess . . . I enjoyed my potatos, too, because of the cabbage (kraut) mixed in . . . . very nice czech cuisine . . .

Nove Amerika is a nice destination for a golfer . . . the courses are very interesting, and it could be very restful there, I presume, if there's not a wedding in the hotel dvur going on till 5 am . .. but getting there without a GPS would problematic for us . . . we laughed at some of the roads we travelled in Armagnac that Tom-tom took us over, and the road to Nove Amerika was even as amazing, or more . . . the tom-tom had only a dotted-line for the road at this point, and you have to drive thru the course to get to the club house on the dirt road . . .
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