Saturday, June 18, 2011

Modry Zub

2011- 04- 27

An acquaintance at work had opined that Modry Zub (the blue tooth) was the best Thai in Prague. "Better than the Orchid?" I queried with a raised eyebrow . . . Öh, the Orchid is good,"he said, but I like the Zub better . . . 
So we ate there and enjoyed it, and even took my Rimey Roomey Ramey there when he visited . . . it was a little disappointing, the tractor-seat-chairs were uncomfortable, and we didn't go back for a long time . . . 
 but now they don't even serve Bohemia Sekt, we hadda order Prosecco . . . not all bad . . . 8^D
 the chicken sate was just fine, crispy and peanutty
 the pad thai actually had most of the ingredients we had come to expect and often do not find in PRG versions . . . it was a little spicy, too, which is to the good.
I had a cashew curry that was almost extraordinary . . . so we have re-raised the Zub back in our estimations, and will go back to verify again . . . we think they have changed for the better, but it may just be that they are not consistent in their excellence, which was the knock we had put on them . . . of course, the Noodle Bar has raised their game also, and so the competition is stiff.

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