Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Klassz - Budapest

after the museum, we hiked back past Oktagon to Klassz . . .still on the up-scale avenue Andressy', which I take to mean Embassy Row . .  . from all the, er, Embassies . . . The travel book warned of long waits, but we waltzed right in -- was around 4pm -- but it did get busier as we sat.
Borzongas is kinduva droll name, but it was very fine, prosecco-like.
I had grilled duck foie gras . . . with what amounted to apple sauce . . . very fine apple sauce . . . coulda made a meal of just that, it was that good.
Mrs' had something which was equally amazing, but it photos not so well: blue cheese soup with pears . . . they served it with the cooked pears in the bottom of the bowl, then poured the hot soup on top of it . . . a nice presentation . . . we had not ever imagined blue cheese soup, much less how good it would be . . . 8^) . . .
then we kinda messed up, blog-wise, since we both got the duck on paprika risotto . . . dang it . . . the magyars do *something* to paprika dishes we don't quite understand, where they DO get some spice into it, when we just get a weak flavour . . . this risotto was awesome, the duck was awesome, the staff was awesome, the whole place is awesome. Loved it.

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