Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chocolate Torte & Capacino at the Budapest Fine Arts Museum

we did the memento park . . . I drove . . . it was a miracle we got there because the guide book and the GPS in the car didn't agree on where it was, but we did it the old fashioned way, with follow-your-nose-navigation . . . the agent at the car lease place had loaned me his personal Milo GPS, since they were all out, but he warned me that it was not current . . . that proved problematic at times . . . and then, I couldn't even get the dang thing to come back on so we hadda navigate low-tech back to town. . . scary . . . but successful . . . then we decided to hoof it out to the park and the fine-arts-museum from there (Oktagon) . . . not so far, but a good hike . . . so first thing at the museum was some re-sustenance, after the hand-wringing anxiety and exercise . . . just a little cappacino and a slice of chocolate & orange torte . . . a little dry . . .but still good

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