Tuesday, March 27, 2012

History of Klara Zach

Klara Zach (Zach węg. ​​Klara, Klara Zach, d. On April 17, 1330 [1]) - the daughter of Hungarian magnate Felician Zach Hungarianservant-maid of Queen Elizabeth Łokietkówny.
According to the chroniclers of the relationship was characterizedby remarkable beauty, which was spotted by staying at the turn of1329 and 1330 in Hungary, Prince Casimir, who raped Clara. The incident caused the girl's angry father, who had entered April 17, 1330 at the castle of the Hungarian king Charles Robert and tried tokill him and his family. After the defeat Zach his entire family were murdered, mutilated and Clara. Currently it is believed that Clare was the mistress of Casimir, and her romance with the prince had no connection with the assassination Felicia.
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