Sunday, January 15, 2012

XMAS 2012 - Day 3 - Alamo

So, the day after XMAS we started off with the SIL comfort breakfast extraordinaire: The Warm Banky... A fried egg served over grits cradled in a nest of asparagus spears.

Then we headed over to Alamo. Then began a minor kerfuffle. I wanted to go to Mi Tierra for lunch . . . I knew everyone would enjoy it, but I tho't it was on the riverwalk. . .nooooo, it's in the Mercado, off the freeway . . . At one point, after I had given up my idee fixe that it was on the riverwalk, we had 3 different people trying to orient us using their iPods, getting 3 different answers. . . 8^D . . . Good practice for them, but maddening at the time.

We finally got over there, and got seated fairly quickly even tho it was busier than Iowa in an election year.

Mrs & I shared fajitas for 2 . . . She was determined to get some good fajitas . . .these was pretty good . . . Cheese enchiladas . . . The Tex-Mex ultimate dish . . . Unless, of course, we consider the Mexican Plate: a taco, a tamale, and a cheese enchilada, with beans and rice! Oh, and some guacamole . . . Sugars enchiladas verdes . . . And I don't know what this thing with the whole chungs of beef on a tortilla are . . . Something the grandson ordered . . . His eyes are always bigger than his mouth . . .

We finished with sofa-pillows, natcherly

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