Monday, January 16, 2012

Mai's Vietnamese, Houston, Texas

When we first started talking about this trip to texas, we imagined that the one thing we would have to do is re-visit the re-novated Mai's  . . . It wound up that we re-arranged our schedule to allow this possibility . . . There were other reasons, but none so compelling . . . 8^D . . .

So we started with the spring rolls with peanut sauce. There is nothing like Houston Vietnamese food, elsewhere in the US, and Mais stands heads and shoulders, we feel, above the rest, for the superb quality of their ingredients and the preparation. I believe you could have all of these spring rolls you wanted, health-wise, with no bad side effects . . . I could be wrong, I'm old and often confused, but it just seems like delicious prudence, if you see how I mean.

Mrs had the pho, and pronounced it superior after 2 bites.

Sugar had the bbq pork chops, and stopped soon to wipe away tears of recollection.

I had the bun with fried rolls and bbq-pork, with a few shrimp tossed in . . . I was glassy-eyed, legless, and drooling when I finished.

Sugar had a vietnames coffee since she was driving to perk her up . . . It was kind of a wait . . . 8^D . . .

World Class, in a class of its own.

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