Saturday, January 28, 2012

Aromi, Prague 12-01-14

<<IMG_0739.JPG>> Ou <<IMG_0733.JPG>> r <<IMG_0734.JPG>> fi
<<IMG_0735.JPG>> rs <<IMG_0736.JPG>> t visit back to Aromi in 2012.
They greeted us like old friends, asked about our holidays, wished us a
happy new year.
Started us off, as normal, with a couple of glasses of prosecco while we
perused the menu.
We ordered off the regular menu instead of one of the daily specials
this time, just for a change.

Mrs started with a Rucola salad with cherry tomatos and grated crispy
parmesan . . . Oooh!

I started with Le Ministre Pasta e Fagioli Borlotti, Borlotti beans
minestrone with home made pasta (and pasta is one of the things that
really sets Aromi apart from the crowd!), pork rind, and grated crispy
parmesan. . . Ungh, Ungh, UNGH!

For mains, I secondi piatti, Mrs had Fillet of Tuna Palamita with
braised artichokes and clam saute'. Gnang. Gnang. Gnang!

I had chopped grilled octopus served on a bed of pumpkin risotto.

With these modest starters and mains, we had craftily left room for
dessert . I got the waitress, our favorite waitress, to bring us an
appetizer to share, one that had seemed like it might make a
sophisticated and different desert instead; she eagerly agreed in a way
that added to our pleasure, if you see how I mean: it was gorgonzola
ravioli and sauteed pears with a basamic demiglace, and, need I add, a
couple of small portos.

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