Sunday, January 15, 2012

XMAS 2011, Flight to America

Used a VIP service both because we had so many bags and because I wanted to avoid any hassle if at all possible about our passports, which had gone thru the wash, and were somewhat . . . Worn . . . The service includes transportation to the airport then waiting in a private lounge rather than the terminal, while they checked our bags and checked us onto the flight . . . We still had to go thru security, dash it all . .. 8^) . . . Perfectly understandable, I guess . . . So it was very expensive, but on this trip totally worth it, so that we got to the airport and onto the plane with minimum fuss and discomfort . . . The flight to JFK was biz-class, which makes a great deal of difference . . . The food is better of course, and the service, less harried, etc, etc, etc, and the comfort allowed us to arrive at JFK uncrippled . . . Our flight from JFK to SAT, tho was coach, and to call it horrible would be fine with me . . . I was so miserable by the time we got to SAT, as soon as we could get to the hotel, shower, drink a glass of wine, and tuck ourselves in, we did.

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