Monday, January 16, 2012

Frida's Mexican/Italian Restaurant, Houston, Texas

Oh, we were hoping for some sort of mexican/italian fusion cuisine.
This ain't that. It's either/or.
It might be said that some italian sensibility comes to play in the mexican dishes . . . Not so "crudely" spiced, but rather "sophisticatedly" seasoned . . . If that appeals to you... I had the flautas, still basically stuffed from Luling BBQ . . . But then I couldn't just have a margarita . . . The flautas were rather unexciting, served only with sour cream, no guacomole . . . They had brought a plate of guacomole to the table before, as like a common treat, but it was unmixed . . . The girls sorta liked the idea that everyone could roll-their-own, but when I want' guacamole, I am ready for guacamole, not for mixin' . . . If you see how I mean . . .

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