Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where to buy IHT in Prague

Where to buy the international herald tribune in Prague.

During the week maybe easier than on the weekend,
some hotels, like the Intercontinental sell the IHT during week, but on the weekend sometimes they open very late or not at all. The Hilton Old Town referred me to the kiosk in the train station (just to get rid of me). The Marriott across the street (down the street from Namesti Republiky) usta, but the last time we went in there, there were no newspapers at all, and my pidgin czech seemed to alarm them more than coax information -- apparently the Marriott does not sell IHT, has never sold IHT, and never will sell IHT.

There are lots of Traffic and Relay mini-kiosks all over town & especially in Prague 1 & 2 .  .  . these are hit-or-miss, one reliable place just off Vaclavsky Namesti on Na Prikope just in front of the H&M. Theres another not-so-reliable across the tram tracks from the Palladium Shopping Mall . . . you're going over there to Starbucks, anyway, admit it . . .

Starbucks is not a reliable source in-and-of-itself, regrettably . . . The one on Vaclavsky Namesti  usta, but I reckon some thoughtless ex-pat was stealing them and several packets of natural brown sugar and napkins . . .
The absolutest, rock-of-gibralter reliable source is the of course The Globe Bookstore & Restaurant . . . if reading your IHT over coffee & a muffin still leaves you unfulfilled, try to overcome your natural reticence and let the Globe comfort you in the style to which you would like to become accustomed. The friendly staff, the - er, uh - comfort food, relaxed ambience, and the availability of suitable reading materials make this the primary source.

Of course, you could always just read the IHT online from your laptop or ipod while you enjoy your Globe Brekky, too . . . for a very nominal charge....8^) . . .

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