Saturday, February 12, 2011

Remember Vietnamese near Bila Labut

What's the name of that Vietnamese Place next to Bila Labut?
Idon't know, says Mrs, I can't remember.
I don't know what they're trying to remember . . .the old sod, or injustices, or grandma's recipes, but it verges on divine. . . 1st visit we had the prawns . . . if you cock your head right to look at the menu above, on the bottom left . . . I like bun and mrs likes pho, so we didn't look at the menu going in either time, just trusting we could find what we wanted on the ordering menu . . . Next time I will point to the dish in the middle of the menu picture, which is not quite like from Mae's Kitchen in Houston, or Phuong Dong in SCX, but closest I've seen so far in PRG.

we started with Spring Rolls . . . Mrs top fave of all time . . . with the Presque Vu tantitillizations of goodies within . . . next time we'll ask for peanut sauce instead of fish sauce. 

by groping on the menu for bun, I wound up with Hanoi Rolls, by the time it got to my mouth it was almost a bun, no peanuts and no sprouts, but almost enough mint & basil to suit me . . . 8^) . . . they have the squeeze bottle of orange chili sauce with the rooster on front, ubiquitous in us thai & vietnamese restaurants on the table, too, which I have applied liberally . . . 8^)

Mrs poked her pho, muttering, no jalapenos like at Tea Lite in SCX, so she dumped the little bowl of thai chilis into her soup, 10 minutes later she was wiping her nose and forehead, wheezing, ooooh thats good. The other little dish is bamboo . . . she added that thinking it was some fruit . . . i guess it is in a very broad way . . . .
January 2011

 Our first visit we had these almond shrimp . . . for such large prawns, they are awfully sweet . . . 
 Mrs eschewed her usual pho for some glass noodles
 I had as close a bun to my favorite as I could get . . . I mean, from Mai's kitchen in Houston or Phuong Dong in Scottsdale, i get shrimp, spring rolls, and bbq-pork all in one bowl, but here, I take what I can get . . . 
Only place in town so far I've found the magic elixir.

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