Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thai Oishi - Prague

we're always on the lookout for a new Thai Place, wherever we go . . . we don't expect any to be better than the Thai Orchid, but we're open minded . . .
Our Friend CPT said we should try Thai Oishi, so we did.

Tom Yum Kai. very nice

Spicy Nudle Salad. Mushrooms were a nice touch.

Pad Thai.
So: we had tom yam kai and pad thai . . . that's probably enough to judge, tho' sampling a curry would be in order to separate the fine from the good, but, in this case, not necessary. We would go back, but we mayn't . . . not as long as Siam Orchid, Lemon Leaf, & Orange Moon are open.

Just for the record, as of today . . . the Prague Rankings would be as follows . . .
1) Siam Orchid -- in the final analysis, no other choice
2) Lemon Leaf -- almost, not quite, as good, and a wonderful ambience and great staff & service
3) Orange Moon - chain, but bona fide. . .
also ran-s)

  • Modry Nub (Blue Tooth) - inconsistent and quirky
  • Noi - limited appeal
  • Sawadee - good, but not great
  • Noodle Shop - expensive and not great
  • Thai Oishi - good, but not great, too
Siam Orchid is the only one that would contend for favorite on a multi-city basis, e.g. the only Prague Thai that would compare favorably with the Bird in Amsterdam . . . but we feel the Orchid's tom yam kai has curative powers . . . if one is a little down, ennervated, phegmatic, or depressed. a bowl of that will fix you up like no grandmothers chicken noodle soup ever could. Promise.

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