Saturday, February 5, 2011

Las Adelitos - Prague

If you had told me that there would be a good Mexican Restaurant in Prague before I came, I would have lafft in your face . . . Heck, I didn't even consider there to be a good mexican restaurant in Phoenix, hardly (excepting Chino Bandito and El Barrio, and maybe that place way south of phoenix that name I forget, just maybe) . . . but apparently these 4 young mexican men have studied at the feet of their grandmothers. I mean, and this is not my opinion only, but others from the southwest US, that Los Adelitos is not only OK, its not only authentic, its Beyond Authentic, into OMG, this may be the best dang mexican food anywhere . . .

We always start with drinks and a nosh plate of jalapenos, guacomole, chips, salsa Las Adelitos, with white wine (or Sekt) for Mrs to wash it down, and a margarita classico for me. They do serve pitchers of margaritas there, but I shudder to think what might happen. They are very patient with my pidgin espanol, for they are completely multi-lingual, espanol, english, & czech . . . it's a wonder how to me they can remain so true to their roots . . .but that czech-mexican fusion might be an awesome thing to contemplate . . .I was awfully fond of the jalapeno-ham-cheese kolaches back in texas.

I would have to work to order something besides the Enchiladas Mixtas, it's just my favorite, but we've had some amazing things there for the lunch special that I never photographed. The mixtas is 3 enchiladas, each covered by a different salsa: green, red, or chocolate-mole . . . now this chocolate mole . . . sometimes thats all I get, because I am so partial to that, and This Is One of The Two Finest Chocolate Moles on Earth (the other being El Barrio in Phoenix -- some say Pico's in Houston had a good one, but I don't remember it being this good. I use chocolate mole as the discriminator, as flautas and salsa roja have proved inconsistent and inconclusive measures.

but this Mixtas plate, with all three is just awesome: 
  • the green is so fruity, so zelene, so spicy, it is right up there in the glorified pantheon of excellent salsa verdes I have ever sampled, from the exalted purveyors of northern New Mexico to the bona fidest, down-and-dirty vendors of south texas . . .like as if one catches a perfect fresh batch of Hatch Green Chilis in September, but consistently, visit after visit.
  • the red is awesomely, reverently, orgasmic in a way that will have the endorphins racing thru your body in the most exciting and fulfilling way un-imaginable.

that's the one that Mrs picks . . . I try not to be jealous as she makes the nummy sounds of complete satisfaction.
  • this chocolate mole, if I haven't said enough already, is so sweet and chillied, with the perfect texture as an adornment to enchiladas, not as an overwhelming (yea, tho it IS overwhelming, in a good way) glop of pudding, or a stingy, brothy-thin mistake, that it is all I can do not to pick up the plate and lick it clean.
When one happens to get a forkful combination of 2, or que milagro, all 3 salsas, the tears that come are not even the exquisite agony of spiciness, but the overawesome disbelief of the senses that anything could be so savoury/sweet/spicy/pungent.

It may seem ludicrous to come to prague and eat mexican food, but missing Las Adelitos might turn out to be the worst mistake of a tourist's visit. I nominate them for a Michelin Bib award, pronto, with an eye towards elevating them to Rated status.
excellent once again -- don't worry about THAT . . .
We always start off with Jalapenos (they call 'em Rajas), salsa, guacomole, & chips.
With a margarita classico, for me, for sure.
Mrs got her fave, the Enchiladas Rojas . . . that sauce IS Beyond Authentic, if you know what I mean.
I had something new, the Burrito Pastore . . . I wouldn't say it was Carne Adovada in there, but if they said it was I wouldn't argue . . . it is spicy, meaty, saucy. . . I wonder if I could get 'em to put mole sauce on top next time?

2011- 05 - 22
 Mrs gets her standard Enchiladas in salsa roja . . .  I ventured off into Tacos Pastore, since I'd enjoyed the Burrito Pastore so much . . . not as good, IMVHO, but I just don't care for the blue maize tortillas . . . nuthin'wrong with the stuffing tho' and I liked the green rice, too . . .

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