Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cafe Faux Pas

we had been here once before, just on the basis that I liked the name, but the spinach in my crepe was gritty . . .
I mean, I know how hard it is, but I am spoiled my Mrs' assiduity in washing spinach, so it really puts me off.

But one weekend morning, bored with Bohemia Bagel, the Globe, and Starbux, we went back.

The waiter seemed English compliant, and impatient with my pidgin czech, so our drink order was mangled . . . instead of 2 mimosas we got two fresh orange juices and a bottle, but dude, you're not putting anything over on us, I mean, we are willing, like Barcas, to put away a bottle of bohemia sekt for brunch, no problemo.

my salmon with spinach crepe was perfect, not gritty at all.

Mrs' spinach crepe was likewise free of debris.

So we'll go back occasionally, just a short jaunt on the 11-tram for us now. Jump off at Italska, and there you are.

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