Thursday, December 5, 2013

La Fregate, Paris

we (actually sugar) found this excellent brasserie as we walked along the river,
i would never have stopped there, the road was so busy, 
but once inside, it was clearly an oasis of refinement and gourmandry 

as per our norm, we started off with a little apertif of champagne,
I didn't get the name, but it was tres bon,
tres excellant!
very tiny bubbles

the girls had this salmon dish, very unusual . . .
not a filet, rather a reformed mince with bread crumbs,
smothered in a cheesy sauce.
All three girls assured me it was fantastic, with none of the failures such a recipe obviously presents . . . I dipped a bread crust into the sauce, and that much I can tell you was excellent.

I myself had my hands full of this pork chop with a chorizo peg.
 geebus what a gourmand experience,
the sauce was divine.

for dessert, Mrs got creme brulee with forest fruits in it.

the rest of us had plain old creme brulee

like, wow, these were the plat du jour . . . 
we had a carafe of gewurztramminer with it . . . 
that was pretty dam'good for a house table wine, if you see how I mean . . . 
really, to compare La Fregate to the restaurant in Brussels with the 2013 Michelin bib, is just unfair, 
this was much better

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