Saturday, October 22, 2011

Prater Garden

Another place we went to, re-inforced by the recommendations of Eat-Tori, was the Prater Garden . . . We intended to dine on a, if not THE definitive Berlin Schnitzel, but alas, it turns out, schnitzels are only inside, at Dinner, and we were there at lunch, which is outside . . . It was good enough, but typical of our Berlin visit, meticulously researched and planned to no avail, off-center . . .

The beer, was, of course, Excellent. The sausage, potato salad, olives were all very good . . . If we had not been disappointed about the schnitzel we might be more enthusiastic. The tomato soup was without flaw: perfekt.

I took the picture of the amorous sculpture there in the beir garden, I am amused by the resemblance to the hair style advert I saw in the Karstadt in Dresden a couple weeks earlier . . . Maybe there is something about the Deutsche Frisseur process of which I am unaware . . . 8^D

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