Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bonanza Coffee - Berlin

One of the recommendations I got from Eat-Tori blog . . . She's an awfully entertaining writer (and I infer, personality) -- like most Ockers . . . 8^) . . . But if we hadn't been going to see the berlin wall section near here anyway, it wouldn't have been a special treat for us . . . The coffee and croissants were good, but they are good everywhere, nicht wahr? We felt out of place among so many hipsters - a lot of english speakers planning recording sessions and late night debaucheries I can only imagine, I imagine . . . That is we sat outside on communal tables -- we're old, we like comforts of even the most rudimentary sort . . . This place is off the beaten tourist track, I think . . . One can judge for oneself whether that is a compliment or a detriment . . .8^D . . .

As we were leaving the wall, a beautiful young woman asked us if we knew where the flea market was, I started to demur, but Mrs piped in, flush with her assiduous research for our trip . . . That's only on Sunday" she said authoritatively, "but it will be down there at the base of the hill." The young woman thanked us, and we turned to go . . . But I had to ask, "where are you from?" "From Israel," she said, and we turned to leave again . . .but I said, over my shoulder, somewhat impishly, "Your English is very good!" Mrs. Laughed, and the young woman rewarded us with a generous smile.

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