Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dinner on the Late Train to Berlin

So we took the train after work to Berlin for a long weekend . . . We drank a bottle of bohemia sekt while we watched Reilly Ace of Spies episodes on my laptop, back in 2nd class . . . It was very comfortable . . . Around the time we blew thru Dresden we moved to the dining car . . . This train started in Budapest, and they had no Bohemia Sekt but they did have some Hungarian Sekt, which proved to be an acceptable substitute . . .

What we have come to expect, in this era of reduced expectations, is consistently good, but not remarkable cuisine on the train, but we find the seating more comfortable than 2nd class, and the service is very good and friendly . . . I ordered schnitzel, in honor of our destination, but when it came I was non-plussed -- Mrs' grilled chicken salad was as expected, but my schnitzel was all sliced up and had sauce on it . . . But the first bite blew me away . . . It was so spicy! Piquant! Tangy! It was Hungarian Schnitzel! Ooooh! ooooH! OoooooH! Budapest just moved up on our list of places to visit. I gave Mrs a bite. Her eyes got wide round with amazed pleasure. It was more than paprika: it was Papricka!

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