Sunday, October 23, 2011

Museum Island - Berlin - Statuary & Toes

1) the Goddess of Berlin ... Kore, 6BC Attica, granted her Ephemeral status in Berlin by post-hoc museum goers . .. Her gown used to be bright red, and the other colors as vivid, one supposes...
2) the toes of Kore
3) Aphrodite, steppin' out
4) the toes of Aphrodite
5) Athena, en deshabille
6) the toes of Athena

So what's the deal, you ask, with the toes?

Well, aside from the exigencies of sculpture, which understandably may tend to exaggerate the size of the feet, I was fascinated by the attention paid to toes in these full-sized sculptures, may I say, the loving attention paid . . . I am aware of a sort of creepy victorian-like fascination, as with ankles, but hmpf, there it is. . . What can you do?

I have pointed out before, on IJustThinkItsFunny, that this picture of Marilyn Monroe reveals preternaturally prehensile toes, an attribute, one intuits, of va-va-voominess, if you see what I mean . . . and so, even in these ancien form studies, I have perceived the same  . . .

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