Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ambiente Fresca, Old Town Prague

With the fam . . . Totally redone since we been there last. . . Instead of a grotto, now it looks like a suburban basement . . . Not a criticism, just an observation . . . Staff is still extraordinarily friendly and helpful .. . Like with this bottle of chianti they guided us to . . .1.5 liters instead of .75, and a wonderful, chianti-fresh-sourness. . . As always the pasta was perfectly toothsome; the sauces, perfectly palate-some; the ambience, Ambiente. My Osso Buco makes me pity those mere pasta-nibblers tno . . .8^)

This place works on your mind . . . Even if you are looking for it, you feel like you have stumbled onto it, then 3 flights down, it seems other-worldly, then in leaving, one feels sorrow, climbing the stairs, then exiting the long hallway back outonto the bustling staromestska streets. 

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