Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mozaica - Prague

 Mrs had Salmon with Black Sesame Seed, soba noodle salad, nagiri, and soy sauce. Generally, non-sushi restaurants serving sushi raise my eyebrow, but Mozaica can get away with it . . . awfully skillful.
after passing it up the previous 2 visits, I just ordered whatever was the sous vida dish for the evening... the last two times Mrs had ordered that and made me jealous, this time she didn't, but she managed to hide her envy . . . 8^D... beef neck cooked v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y with potatoes like you won't have any place else in Prague, and some-berry sauce & pureed root vegetables. A-w-e-some.
So I felt so good after the sous vida I didn't want to leave, so I ordered desert. A cake-slice of banana ice cream in between two, er, slices of fruitcake with banana rounds and a chocolate mousse.
This place may not have won Michelin Recognition, yet, but it gets the Golden Bib award from us.

Previous visits...
Our first visit Mrs ordered the Turkey Leg Sous Vide. . . it was as awesome as it looks. I'd ordered a Hamburger, not knowing anything about Sous Vide, and nothing grabbed my attention, now I can't even find the pic of the hamburger, doesn't matter .  .  .

on our 2nd visit, Mrs got the Pork Sous Vide (they only have one Sous Vide dish each night), with garlic mash (natcherly) and crispy fried mac&cheese -- those were a guilty taste treat! and the Sous Vide, awesome again.

I -- still unreconciled to the superiority of Sous Vide -- ordered duck breast with red wine sauce. Just excellent!
On our last visit Mrs had Kureci Wok . . .even not touching the rice, she said it was nice.

I had pork neck could sous vide . . . I can't rhapsodize about sous vide any more . . . it was no disappointment. . . the lentil foundation was a surprise, tho', with how tender and savoury the lentils were without becoming mushy and tasteless.
Feb 2011 visit
Mrs said, "I think I'll have sous vide tonite, too" and ordered it.
So did I, but the waiter said with a pained expression, "We have only 1 left."
D-a-a-a-a-a-a-n-n-n-n-g . . . .we were there at 6 pm. . . when most of europe is still drinking before dinner . . . it never dawned on us that they would be short of sous vide so early. . . 8^0 . . .

So I ordered Venison, as a consolation prize . . . 8^) . . . with red wine sauce, not porto, I think. The potato square was a little unusual and a pleasurable alternative!

for dessert with my armagnac, the eponymous cocolada dort with pineapple. Whodathunk.

==================================================March 2011 visit
 This trip, just a plain tomato soup . . . they just know how to take care of the basics, the exotica comes easier . . . 
 Mrs opted for the pike perch and I wuz gonna go with my default de rigeur order, sous vide . . . 
 but the waiter kindly guided me to the big menu to the rabbit wrapped in bacon cooked sous vide . . . 
OMG. Served on spinach and a crispy potato thingy.

We shared my banana-chocolate-ice cream dessert (see above) . . . I keep thinking I'll order something else, but I don't.

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