Saturday, January 22, 2011

Karli Indian Gate Leipzig

knowing full well we were dining at a very fine restaurant that evening, we just wanted a lite lunch to keep us going thru our site-seeing till then . . . el amir on Karl Liebknecht seemed to fit the bill . . . handn't had a good doner kebab since we left Scottsdale ... but they didn't open till noon, so we walked around the gentrified neighborhood, then they still weren't open . . . so we looked for other options . . .

finally settled on Karli India Gate . . . that is, Mrs recognized the name from her Lonely Planet guide, but this is not the one in the book -- it's on Nikolaistrasse, and this is Karl-Liebknecht -- might be a chain, don't know . . . but this threw our plans off-kilter . . . instead of a quick kebab we had an Indian Feast lasting 2 hours ...
Started with Vegetarian Samosas, as is our custom...

Geez, it took a while .... fortunately we had a whole bottle of shampoo to tide us over while we waited ... they musta hadda dig up the clay pot ... but it looks good, dudn't't? Mrs says it was very good.
I had the lamb vindaloo ... sorta middlin', but I love, love, love vindaloo. The daal was very good, too.

After all that, sight-seeing was at a minimum...8^D . . . we walked around the neighborhood some more, then trammed over to walk around the CBD Xmas market, just as a constitutional, but eventually we walked back to the hotel to take a nap before the evening's festivities. Whew!

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