Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dresden to Prague Train Food

What can one say. It's better than many restaurants in Prague, and it's better in the Dining Car than in 2nd class . . .
I don't understand why I don't have pix of the eggs that came with, for our brekky on the way from Prague to Dresden ... but this was very nice nosh with our mimosas & cappucinos ...

Mrs somehow overcame her now pathological disdain for potatos after 18 mos in PRG to join me in some soup. Very satisfying, I found, on a very cold day.

Compare & Contrast this green salad with chicken to the Caesar Chicken Salad at Spagos... I'l wait here ... too much chicken again for Mrs... she said the green salad was just fine, but those toast bits were sub-ordinary.

I had the chicken schnitzel. Perfectly fine, tho' I too grow weary of the ubiquitous czech brambory.

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