Sunday, July 8, 2012


I'd say the most useful information we got on the tour of Taittinger is to pronounce it Tay-tin-jay . . .. but they have terms in use we discover at both Mumms and Taittinger: Riddlers and Must . . . must is the wine before it is turned into champagne; riddlers turn the bottles periodically on these large racks . . . to move the yeast debris to the neck where it can be removed before finally bottling . . .
so I asked our tour leader:
is it called must because it smells musty, or do we get the word musty from must. . . .she tho't not . . .
are they riddlers because of the puzzle like challenge of rotating the bottles to get the yeast up into the neck, over several months? she said she would have to research that . . . .8^D

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