Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hotel de Valle - Les Coudercous, St. Chelly de Aubrac

Although our last stop was in Laguiole, to visit the knife foundry, we stayed a short 11 miles away in St. Chelly de Aubrac . . . takes 45 minutes to drive tho' because St. Chelly is off the beaten track, a hikers destination deep in the valley, over-the-hill from Laguiole . . . the hotel was fine, clean and modern in a quaint way, mostly suited to the hikers who come thru . . . it may be a sort of Religous destination, too . . . . this marcillac wine comes from a unique grape, Mouret, if I heard my waitress correctly . . . it had a fruity, beaugolais nose, but the flavour was more dry. We were so hungry, nothing to eat since brekky, that we just inhaled the salat de cruditee . . . it was good, no doubt about that, but we were raptured at that point in time . . . my duck leg with aligot à la saucisse (mashed potatoes with cheese, cream and garlic) was just super, the roasted-duck smell filled the whole restaurant like a bakery . . . Mrs had some local beef . . .  very fine, but with chewy bits -- maybe the trimming of the beef was not so haute, but the eating of it was just fine . . .  For afters, we had Laguiole cheese, and some other, soft brie-like . . . they were both well paired with the marcillac wine -- good for us! -- by accident, for us, but not for the locals, if you see how I mean . . . .the mini-blueberry tarte was great, too.

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