Sunday, July 8, 2012

Les Trois Lys, Condom, France

We stayed at the Les Trois Lys in Condom . . . we think it is a very nice hotel, updated but quaint . . . our schedule and the weather prevented us using their very inviting pool. We liked it that the front door is always locked and the parking lot is secure, too. The owner was very knowledgeable and helpful on local directions. The menu was very good. The Foie Gras was butter-creamy and fresh. The Fisherman's Pot was a little bland for our tastes, but delectable and fresh. The local wine Madiran was good enough that I regretted not buying a couple of bottles in the shop downtown (by the cathedral).  Cassoulet was good but too much for Mrs. The lamb shank for moi was unbelivable, savoury, not buttery, melt-off-the-bone good. No dessert, we were so stuffed, but I did have a coffee and armagnac . . . a large pour, for which I was grateful. . . 8^) 

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