Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hanoi Vietnamese Prague

One of our greivances is that there is an even greater dearth of good vietnamese restaurants in PRG than in SCX (Note: Phuong Dong & Tea Light)
. . . I mean, How Can This Possibly Be?
. . . I mean, There is an arguable equivalency in Thai restaurants, with a nod to PRG based on The Orchid, so why the deficiency? As noted on other blogs, not just IMVHO . . . 

Can't even get Bubble Tea here in PRG, THAT's how low we go . . . 

We went a few times to #8 in the Vltvska Flea Market, till it got too cold in the open air to work a spoon, much less chopstix, and I think now we would go to Remember as a first choice . . . but we decided to renew our acquaintance with Hanoi since it's in walking distance from our house . . . dang, Vinorady is just full of good restaurants . . . 
 This is my Bun, I can tell cuz I put chili in it.
This is Mrs' Pho. I can tell because it has no chili in it . . . call me ignorant or, otoh, elitist, but dangit, should not one be able to tell the difference between a Pho and a Bun? Everything seems to taste sorta the same, too -- but then we know that the eye may fool the tongue, sometimes . . . not unpleasant or even just boring, but not exciting . . . vietnamese food suitable for Czech palates I guess is the kindest thing one could say.

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