Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aromi - Prague

Aromi is another citation from the Prague Post Best of Prague 2010 . . . as the best Italian Restaurant, Readers' Choice . . . we're not so wild about Italian Food, so much of it is so heavy, so bad . . . but Aromi surpassed our expectations as a favorite of the hoi polloi . . . it has a Michelin Bib award too, it totally deserves it.
We wanted to go over to dinner on date night . . . but the charming young woman that answered the phone and spoke to me in flawless English said they were all booked . . . in sorrow we parted, reluctantly, on the phone . . . then Mrs said, It's not even 5 pm yet, and they're already full? So I called 'em back, got the same young woman, so we were already up to speed, and I said, What if we get there by 5, and she said, no problem then. . . . so that's what we did. Jumped on the tram 1 stop, and hoofed the 3 next blocks down to Aromi.
The same young woman, I could tell by her voice, greeted us & sat us down, then brought over a glass of Prosecco to get us started, while she described the fish table to us . . . I wanted whatever she talked about last, thru 9 different fishes. . . 8^D . . . 
So first we had minestrone . . . now, it wudn't Mrs' Famous Minestrone, but it was awfully good . . . creamy in a way different than Mrs' which is all clear vegetable juice . . . sinfully good.
Then we had our SeaBream for 2 with grilled vegetables . . . just fine, just fine.

So we stumbled thru dinner and a bottle of wine and resolved to return for lunch, soon . . . as it turned out, we were able to go the next Friday, before we went to Greece. If nothing else, we wanted the Minestrone again . . . I think Mrs had the idea for Minestrone & Salad & Dessert, which had looked good before, but we'd had no room left. But that ain't what happened. We did have the minestrone again. Good . . .but got the lunch special,  Calamari & Pasta . . . it was almost like a degustation platter.
So I felt righteous enough for dessert still, but Mrs demurred.
The waiter brought 2 spoons tho, so she did have 2 or 3 bites . . . 
I remember the words Orange & Infusion, but I'm not quite sure how that works . . . there was chocolate, too.
The new neighborhood is starting to look real good to us . . . 8^) . . . 

Aromi's pasta is all made down the street by their partner retail front. They sell the pasta, and assorted other dishables that looked quite palatable . . . there might have been some tabouli in there . . . which we intend to check out soon. very soon.
Lunch Again
Potato / Fennel Soup ... thinner than a heavy soup, creamy and we thought buttery, since it was so good . . . like the minestrone.
veal medalions on polenta & spinach . . . pretty filling tho' it looked small, just excellent. An interesting change from the ubiquitous pounded & battered & sauced version . . . we had, as is our wont, not a chianti -- that they don't have -- an italian cabernet that might not have been paired well, but was very good non-the-less. Just love this place.

 A little Amuse Bouche
 Grilled Octopus, Steamed Mussels, & Prawns . . .
 Grilled Sea Bream with mixed grilled vegetables . . .
an orgiastic luncheon, we agree, and we're ashamed of ourselves . . . 

2011 - 05- 16`

Aromi's version of the now-ubiquitous Pea with Mint soup . . . very similar the Chagall version in style, taste, and quality.
we like to go when it's not so busy . . . we avoid date-night . . . but sometimes it's busy all the time . . . if you know what I mean.
 oooh. a little lagniappe, a palate cleanser .  . . lime sherbert drinkypoo . . .
 oh we were so bad this time . . . when they brought the fish tray around we just took the lobster . . .
 Mrs took it with salad, I took it with pasta . . . both are successful alternatives . . .
there are no words to describe this except :
Perfectly Cooked Shellfish
if you know what I mean . . .

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