Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday Morning Blues in Karlovy Vary

I'll keep it brief.

We all agree that somebody else's complaints about travel are b-o-r-i-n-g . . . and this is mine . . .

we planned to take the bus from Karlovy Vary back to Prague Monday Morning, so as to maximise our fun-time in KV . . . little did we know the whole town shuts down at 8 on Sunday, and that the competition for seats on the PRG express Monday morning is intense, so we were unable to get seats until 10, meaning we would get back after 12, meaning we had 2 hours of killing time . . . which we spent in the "bus-station-bistro". . . I have no idea what the cuisine is actually like, but I was unwilling to tempt fate . . . but if there is a conceptualization of Hades that we can actually realize here on Earth, it must be the hard plastic chair in the grimy stirility of a Czech bus station with a TV blaring American SitComs, re-dubbed in czech: "Friends", "MASH", & etc.

We shudda tooken the red-eye back to Prague Sunday Night.

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