Monday, July 20, 2009

Kampa Museum

From the Beckman exhibit at the Kampa Museum . . . there w? ere signs saying no pictures . . . but I discretely took a few shots with my camera phone . . . dodging the security guards . . . then I noticed the video-cams in the corner . . . oops. . .

I just absolutely love & adore this pre-war European aesthetic . . . it's so Cabaret! . . . the freedom of expression combined with the jaundiced eye, yet the not-entirely-unsympathetic POV . . .

who DOESN"T long for the life of the libertine? . . . who doesn't want to abandon themselves ? Is this a condemnation of the petit bourgeousis or a representation of the free-thinking artiste class?

(click on the images for a full-sized rendition)

Is this perversion or subversion?

Is it merely some pre-R-Crumb sort of Porn, or an artistic apprehension of the coming apocalypse?

Do I think it is funny? or is it mere tit-elation ?

Am I just being a dirty little boy, or a worldy aesthete enjoying the delights of a sophisticated display in a world class museum?

Is it juvenile or jaded?

I ask only so many questions, then move on . . .

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