Sunday, July 5, 2009


I opened a ticket because one of my ISHARE web sites is down . . . which I described as when I click on Shared Documents, I get an error “An unexpected error has occurred” . . . so the HelpDesk personasked me “Does it work on un-shared documents” . . . so I asked “What would be the point of UnShared documents on ISHARE?”

There was a very long pause . . .

We finished up with the problem description for that service call, and I rang off. . .

Then I called back in to the help desk with another problem a few minutes later. We both realized that I had the same help desk technician – an awkward moment. I explained that I had had a ticket opened to get me a phone, but I had not gotten an accompanying ID/Password. Did you try your ldap with ***** or ****** (semi-secret standard phone passwords).”
“Why yes I did,” I replied.
“Did that work?” He asked.
‘No!” I answered reflexively, but then I added, “Oh, yes, it did, but I called you anyway!”

There was a very long pause.

“So that didn’t work?”


We finished that problem report, then he asked me, as all good help desk people must, “Is there anything else?”

“Yes, I have one more problem . . . I am sorry to be such a trouble maker . . . but this is an easy one, I promise: My HPSD password expired.”

“Oh!” he said with obvious relief, “we can fix that!” and he did.

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