Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bad Thursday

Train was delayed –it’s still not clear to me what was wrong (All the PAs were in Czech, of course); A* said a train broke down so they had to hold all the trains till they could clear it off the track. I don’t know anything, except I was stuck in the Florence train station with a rugby scrum of commuters for a full half hour, then had to ride a train stuffed to bursting, exacerbating my claustro-xenophobia.

Lunch was too salty – kurecim smes s Zampiony a reze (Chicken with mushrooms and rice) – I said to A*, “I don’t see how you ate it without a beer!” A* said “I like salty, but that was a little much.”

The HR Babe in charge of ReLocation didn’t remember me – she sent me an update today, but acted in her email like we hadn’t met and talked already for an hour . . . possibly, I am over-sensitive, due to my salty lunch and burgeoning train phobias, but such demonstrations I remain so un-memorable even in my distinguished old age depress me terribly.

My Boss didn’t pay attention to me – I wanted to show him how we were using SMS option to simplify APF authorization for my PreAlert install, and I called out to him . . . but he was “busy”: he signaled “1 Second” with his left hand while he kept typing intently with his right . . . when he finally broke away and came over to see, I took too long to describe what was going on (the last time I remember APF updates, they were in a module called IEAAPFnn, for you cognoscenti) and he had to answer a phone call back at his desk before I was finished . . . he came back later and showed me where the APF updates are, now, and he already knew about SMS attributes, so big whoop . . .

SYSPROG didn’t call me a problem – at the 8 o’clock meeting the SYSPROG reported “No Calls”, so I said, “what about my APF issue?” She said, “That’s not a problem, that’s just normal work” to the hoots of derision from the gang in the meeting: “Haha! Dave, you’re just BAU (Business As Usual) now! HAHAHAHAHAH!” How humiliating . . .

Cancelled dinner engagement – then my dinner date cancelled with some lame excuse about he was sick today . . . boy have I heard that one before . . .I guess another Table For One for Dave tonight . . . I *have* to go somewhere . . . the maid gets upset if you’re in the room while she turns down the bed . . I think she just doesn’t want me to see her cadging slugs off my bottle of Armagnac. . . 8^D . . .

All I can say is thank god for my internet friends (my pscho-therapists when I was young called them “imaginary friends”) , they rarely diss me like my co-workers . . . 8^D

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