Sunday, September 15, 2013

Leta Pane, Prague

somehow, literally, "year of our lord"

KiwiMike ordered Home Speck
smoked over wood hipster served with marinated vegetables and "jiggers" grandfather plum brandy 

which KiwiMike followed up with 
Variations rib year of our Lord
Barbecue beef ribs Buffalo 
Recommended dish: garlic bread

SheSoSure opted for grilled chicken
½ Grilled boneless chicken
Grilled boneless roasted half chicken marinated in dark beer, fresh herbs, served with barbecue sauce and cheese with celery Recommended dish: Garlic bread

Mrs had the Salmon with mixed grilled vegetables
200 g Salmon Steak
salmon from Norwegian fjords with parmesan butter, onions marinated in balsamic vinegar Recommended dish: mashed potatoes with onion

I sucker as always opted for lamb
200 g Roast shoulder of lamb with garlic
Fragrant lamb roast with garlic leaf spinach and potato dumplings

Chocolate souffle of Belgian chocolates
Real chocolate tart served with vanilla sauce and strawberries

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