Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bejzment, Prague
 Mrs got the ribs, which is the largest serve we've ever seen, including the monster rack I got at Hard Rock Cafe . . . good enuf, but NO sauce . . . the ones we took home and reheated with our Jack Daniels Hot BBQ sauce were even more excellent . . . cole slaw is not creamy, so excellent . . . I did the chef-y outline of ketchup on the plate, for the fries underneath.
didn't even taste like a lamb burger, but when it repeated on me, THEN i got the lamb flavor . . . no fries . . . I ate Mrs' . . . too much white sauce, whatever it is . . . I would ask for that off or on the side next time . . . bun held together very well, anyway . . . 

we found out after-the-fact that they have jalapeno poppers, which we'll have to try next time, for sure.

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