Saturday, January 5, 2013

Murder On Us

I DO like to patronize the arts at the level I can afford, which is about the level of Dinner Theatre . . . murder mystery dinner theatre is usually a level below that, if you see how I mean, but it has the added entertainment value of interaction with the "stars" . . . there was none of that, here, except as the cast herded us to our table and dropped by periodically to shout banal idiocies, almost in character . . .
I should say they picked me, picked on me, to play a minor role as Fezziwig in a murder mystery based on a Christmas Carol, which turned out to be a better idea in concept than execution, if you see how I mean . . . really, only Scrooge & Fred seemed to be actual actors, everyone else was just a puppet to hold a space, but one doesn't expect shakespeare, really, does one, tho' one would like an actual actress with some pulchritude to spare, if you know what I mean, to soften the aesthetic blow .  . .
anyway the food was even worse . . .
salad was ok, nothing special,
soup was not tooooo bad,
steak was worst I have ever been served . . . jeebus, just carve some roast beef
chicken was the best entree, based on the muted tone of the critiques I heard
salmon seemed to be pink-dyed farm variety, bland and tasteless
chocolate cake was good

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