Saturday, January 5, 2013

Iggy's Seafood, Providence, RI

Iggy's gets better everytime we go . . . it's so small, that we had trouble getting a table, and even as we were getting up to leave, people were jumping into the booth . . .
the seafood platter is just excellent . . . I started with a bowl of RI Chowda -- it is clear broth, unlike Manhattan or New England, probably better for you, but still deliscious . . . the platter has a huge cod filet, butterfly shrimp, clams, and bay scallops . . . there's also a couple of onion rings and huge "doughboys", fries are good, too, but the cole slaw is not the best . . . have to eat it anyway to give the meal some fibre, if you see how I mean . . .
Mrs & Bitsy both just had the fish & chips . . . the cod filet couldn't be better.

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